Our mission is Full Employment in America.

We believe that work is an essential component for fulfillment and happiness in the life of every person. For that reason, the Institute will help everyone who has the ability and desire to work to engage in productive employment and realize its many benefits. This is our definition of Full Employment. ​

We will work toward Full Employment by researching, developing, publicizing, and helping businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations promote work and implement work-focused best practices.

Institute Work

Our team combines think tank and state agency executive expertise and insights from decades of workforce, unemployment and welfare program design and implementation in more than 25 states, from Hawaii to New York City and from Wisconsin to Utah.

The Institute conducts leading research, studies best practices, and develops practical solutions in the areas of unemployment insurance, workforce development, retirement income, and public assistance. The Institute assists states with policy and program design and implementation.

The Institute also publishes opportunity reports that provide a vital source of information for state and local officials who want to know how their workforce and public assistance programs compare to those in other areas and what they can do to improve. The Institute was founded in 1994 and is based in Southern Oregon.

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