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Don Peitersen – Unemployment Insurance/Workforce Director

Don Peitersen directs the Institute’s projects on Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Investment. Through an integrated approach of analyzing state performance, policy and procedures, along with identification of best practices in other states, Don leads the Institute’s team in working with states in development and implementation of initiatives to enhance an individual’s ability to quickly obtain suitable employment.

Prior to joining the Institute in 2007, Don spent 35 years with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, including 13 years as Unemployment Insurance Director and 4 years as Director of the Division of Employment and Training with responsibility for the states Unemployment Insurance, Workforce Development (both Wagner-Peyser and WIA) and Labor Market Information. During his tenure in Colorado, Don led the development and implementation (in 1991) of the first unemployment insurance call center in the United States. This dramatic change in the delivery of unemployment insurance resulted in several awards for the Colorado program including USDOL’s “Architect of Change: Innovations in Customer Service”, Vice President Gore’s “Hammer Award for Innovation”, and the Colorado Governor’s special award for “Outstanding Achievement for Innovations in Customer Service”.

In 2010, Don was a member of the first class of individuals inducted into the USDOL’s Unemployment Insurance Hall of Fame. Don was inducted for “Development and implementation in April 1991 for the first unemployment insurance call center in the United States.” Don has held several national leadership positions including chairman, and vice-chairman, of the NASWA Information Technology Committee, co-chairman of the USDOL/State Committee for development of the Resource Justification Model, and a member of the USDOL/State Committee for development of UI Performance Measures. In addition, Don served two terms on USDOL’s Board for the Information Technology Support Center, thirteen years as a member of the NASWA UI Committee and two years as a member of the NASWA Employment Services committee.. Don holds a B.A in Business Administration from the University of Colorado and is a graduate of the Manpower Administration program, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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