Unemployment Insurance / Workforce Project Overview

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a critical, but sometimes overlooked program that has significant impact on a state’s economy, employer’s workforce needs and the financial, mental and physical well-being of the unemployed. What you may find surprising is the level of flexibility allowed each state to configure their UI programs. This flexibility results in a wide range of performance impacting the fairness, effectiveness and costs of state programs. To find out how your state’s UI program is performing, visit State Opportunity Reports.

Our Team is experienced in designing and operating state UI and Workforce programs and the Institute continually researches, identifies and develops best practices to assist states.

How Can We Help?

  • Reemploy UI Claimants
  • Analyze and Implement Results Driven Measures
  • Enhance Employer Connectivity
  • Optimize Impact of Your Online Services
  • Improve Your Trust Fund Balance

Our Examples of UI/Workforce Improvement Concepts provide overviews of some of the possible solutions that can assist you in making a difference with your programs.

The opportunities to make a difference for your state come in many different shapes and sizes. For an initial, no-cost assessment and recommendations of what can work for you, please contact Bill Starks at bills@fullemployment.org.