Unemployment Insurance Opportunity Reports

While national UI claims and unemployment rates have remained remarkably low, with nearly two job openings for every job seeker, UI exhaustion rates have remained at nearly one third of all claimants (30.5% in December). Many states are addressing this issue by modernizing not only their UI systems, but also claimant work search activities ahead of the next recession.

To assist states in their reemployment efforts,, we’ve included our latest Unemployment Insurance Opportunity reports. They chart your state’s recent performance trends and compare your state to other states in UI claim duration, exhaustion, cost per claim, wage replacement rate and socialized costs. These measures provide some insight into your state’s progress and achievements as well as areas that may offer opportunities.

These US DOL measures are not perfect and no one measure fully captures a state’s performance. But we think the data, taken together and analyzed for trending, provides useful insights. Reports for your state and the top performers, by category, are posted below.

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2022 Quarter 3 Reports