Unemployment Insurance Opportunity Reports

While unemployment rates and UI claims are still at record lows, it’s a great time to prepare for when needs will increase by implementing reemployment best practices and evidence-based RESEA strategies.

To assist states in their efforts, we’ve attached our latest Unemployment Insurance Opportunity reports. They chart your state’s recent performance trends and compare your state to other states in areas such as UI claim duration, exhaustion and socialized costs. These measures provide some insight into your state’s progress as well as what may be possible.

While these US DOL measures are not perfect and no one measure captures a state’s performance, we think the data, taken together and analyzed for trending, provides useful insights.  Reports for your state and the top performers, by category, are posted on our website – UI Opportunity Reports.

For questions or to request help analyzing or designing reemployment strategies in your state, contact us at johnc@fullemployment.org or call John Courtney at 541.891.3394 to be connected with our team of consultants.

2020 – 2022 Reports

Due to the wild fluctuations driven by pandemic UI, we have paused our reports on duration and exhaustion and other measures until the 12 month trailing data is beyond the large effects of the pandemic benefits and better reflects the reemployment opportunities and efforts of state agencies.

2019 Quarter 2 Reports